Heart Oracle
Heart Oracle Titel
The Heart Oracle gives its advice. For love and the whole life.


Ask the Heart Oracle and receive a universal advice for love.

The whole spread has the shape of a heart of eight cards. Four of them are drawn and four are given. While the drawn ones come from the Great Arcana, the given ones represent one of the four elements.

The four constant positions represent a situation or question around love. They offer a solution or advice. They always appear in the same place and order: earth, fire, air and water.

The spread is started with a short touch on the title heart. You don't have to do anything else. The four interpretations also appear without further action.

The explanation above is only for a closer understanding of how the heart oracle works. In order to get his advice, one does not need to understand it in detail.

Example for a reading:

This is how the oracle says when the Lady, the Energy, the Fool and the Moon are drawn.

If your help is needed, you should do what is expected from you.

If you are driven by passion or excitement, you should do whatever you want.

If you were careless and made a mistake, you should listen to your mind.

When emotions and desires control your actions, you should listen to your heart.