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Finding Love
Do we match?
Back with the Ex
Are we coming together?
Is he or she in love?
What does he/she want from me?

Tarot for Singles

These laying patterns for singles can be selected here.

Finding Love

How do I find love? Four cards reveal why you are alone and what can be done about it.

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Do we match?

The cards help you to think about a possible partner. They reveal what separates you and what you have in common.

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Back with the Ex

The Love Tarot looks at the former partner, if he or she plays a role again. Whether in thoughts or because the ex steps back into your life. How do you get together again? And what could the future relationship look like?

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Do we get together?

Four cards give hints and ideas how to come together with the desired partner. And how the future might develop

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Is he/she in love?

The Love Tarot helps finding answers to the question whether another person feels something for you. No matter if you want the same thing or not, if you like it or if you are a little afraid of it

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What does he/she want from me?

The tarot gives clues if someone is interested in you. And how the common, or the completely own, future could look like.

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